Neodymium magnet on smartphone

We always think that magnet will make our smartphone goew haywire, but in reality magnet are one of the components inside the iphone. The new iphone works with MagSafe charger and it makes the charging becomes better. So what is MagSafe charging and what is the importance of the magnet here.

Magsafe is Apple’s trademark for their magnetic power connector from previous generations of its computers, but now instead of the magnet holding the power connector onto the computer the magnet positions the phone correctly over the induction charger. This ensures that the phone actually gets charged, unlike their first attempt in 2017 which left a lot of unhappy iPhone owners.

Other than that the new Magsafe is just QI charging. QI charging is simple inductive charging that phones have used over the last 10 years. Charging stations usually have a way to position your phone correctly over the induction charger. Apple just uses a magnet for the positioning.

Will a magnet damage my smartphone or tablet?

Small and medium sized magnets should not have any detrimental effect on your smartphone or tablet. It is quite possible that these devices already contain small magnets which enable them to perform certain functions. However, it is always wise to keep large, powerful magnets away from any electronic device as strong magnetic fields could possibly damage mechanical parts

Besides for charging, there is also other application of neodymium magnet on the smartphone, it uses micro-magnet. If you have any projects that are related uses neodymium magnet or micromagnet, contact us. We might able to help you with your magnet problem and offer solutions

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