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Application of neodymium magnet in high-speed maglev trains

Application of neodymium magnet in high-speed maglev trains

Meta Description: China World Fastest Train – Maglev Train between Shanghai and Hangzhou breaking new record for high speed train. Have you ever been in a high speed train ? Couple decades ago Japan bullet train “shinkansen” is the marvel of the transportation engineering. In the past decade, with the growing number of train network […]

Why Neodymium Magnet So Strong ?

Neodymium magnets are considered strong because they resist demagnetization and have a high saturation magnetization. The saturation magnetization is related to the magnetic energy a material can store, so it’s an indicator of the physical pull strength the magnet can achieve. A neodymium magnet is actually an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron that forms a crystalline structure with formula Nd2Fe14B. Ferromagnetic […]

Neodymium magnet on smartphone

We always think that magnet will make our smartphone goew haywire, but in reality magnet are one of the components inside the iphone. The new iphone works with MagSafe charger and it makes the charging becomes better. So what is MagSafe charging and what is the importance of the magnet here. Magsafe is Apple’s trademark for […]

How long will a neodymium magnet last?

Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets, and lose a fraction of their performance every 100 years if maintained within their optimum working conditions. There are two factors which can shorten a magnet’s lifespan. Heat If the temperature of a magnet exceeds the maximum operating temperature (e.g. 80oC for N42 grade neodymium magnets), then the magnet will lose magnetism that will not be recovered […]

What is Neodymium Magnet and Where is the main production?

We all know magnet but not a lot of people know about neodymium magnet. Neodymium is used on our most common used product, such as our cellphone, headphones and on the electric car too. Pronounced as “nee-oh-dim-ee-um” is one of 17 rare earth elements and the demand for this metal has been on the rise. […]