Neodymium Magnet Toys

During pandemic 2020, a lot of child cannot go to school. The parents buy many education toys to keep their kids busy at home. Have you heard toys called Magformers ? What is a magformer ?

Magformers are plastic pieces that come in various sizes and shapes. What makes them unique is that they are also magnetic. Inside each plastic piece is are neodymium magnets. These magnets allow for the pieces to always connect and always attract. They also are very strong. You can build your creation flat on a table and when you pull just one piece up from the table, the whole creation will rise with it and fall into place.

[Photo of magformer toys]

The other magnet toys are magnet balls. Magnet balls comes in different colors and you can attached them to make any shape you like. These neodymium magnet balls are very powerful and sometimes it is difficult to separate them.

Which magnets are best suited for children to use? Children should always be supervised when playing with magnets. Neodymium magnets are too strong for children and small neodymium magnets are very dangerous if a child swallows more than one as they can attract in the intestines requiring immediate surgery. Small alnico magnets are strong enough for children to experience magnetism without a risk of trapping fingers. For example the traditional alnico horseshoe magnet and educational alnico bar magnets are widely used in schools throughout the UK. These magnets are also available in sets with iron filings to demonstrate the invisible magnetic fields;

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